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welcome to ledgewood gardens

ordering & shipping

We offer many of our prior introductions as well as a number of daylily cultivars of other hybridizers.

all offerings are double fan, unless otherwise indicated by sf (single fan) or cl (three or more fans). the notation, dsp, means that the cultivar is on display only.

shipping by priority mail, to all united states locations is $15 plus $1 per plant.

minimum order for u.s. shipments is $50.

bonus plants of our choice will be included as a thank you in each in order. telephone and e-mail inquires are welcomed to ensure availability of desired cultivars.

our regular shipping season begins march 15th (weather permitting). please contact us immediately on shipment arrival if your plants are not satisfactory. please return immediately with original label attached for replacement or refund.

when ordering, please specify your shipping date.


General price list cultivars a - l


across the universe(trimmer)tet.25" em re 6 1/2" ev ruffled ivory blushed pink. dsp  
ageless beauty(stamile,p)tet 28 e re ev cream w/red eye & edge.limited. dsp  
alexa kathryn(kinnebrew)tet22 em re sev 6 1/4" lav w huge gold edge. $20  
alien invader(abajian,g)dip 28 e re sev 4 1/2"pale lav. w/layered violet blue eye,green throat $30 cl
angelic messenger(abajian)tet 20" em re 5 1/4" sev icy pink w/ ruffled gold edge dsp  
armed and dangerous(peat)tet 30 m re sev 9" clear multicolored uf $20 cl
art gallery deco(lambertson)tet 24 m-ml re sev med.vio,deep bl/vio eye&edge. $15  
asian fairy bluebird(lambertson)tet 28 m re sev 5.5"med lav w/navy blu eye,gold edge . $40  
bella sera(stamile)tet 30 em re ev 6" mauve purple w/silver lavender edge dsp  
belle cook(brooker,m)tet cool pink 6 1/4" flwr.w/ruffled gold edge,fertile both ways. $15 cl
better than butter(carr)tet 27 em re ev 5 1/4" crm.yel.w gr.th,ruf.gilded edge. $20  
bird talk(lambertson)tet 24 em re sev 6.5"cream pastel w/smoky slate blue eye & edge . $35 cl
blue grass music(grace/smith)tet dsp  
blue hippo(lambertson)tet 26 em re sev 6" cream w/large blue eye &blue gold edge $50  
blue thunder(abajian,g)tet 26 em re sev 6 1/2" lt lav w drk lav/bl eyezone. $30 cl
boundless beauty(stamile)tet 28 m re ev 7.5"huge pastel white/large ruffles w/gold edge $30  
breakfast delight(abajian,g)tet 27 em re sev 6",cream w rose/lilac eye & same double edge $25  
broken silence(abajian,g)tet 30 em re sev 6"lt.rose/pink,hvy ruffld yel/crm edge,gr.th $25 cl
cajun christmas(abajian,g)tet 24 em re sev 5 3/4" tngr/crm base w brt.red eye/edge $30  
candied popcorn perfection(carr)tet 25 m re ev 5 3/4" crm.w plted.notched ruf edg $20  
candlelit night(abajian,g)tet 28 em re sev 6", apricot w/ruffled gold edge $20 cl
carol todd(trimmer)tet 30 em re ev 7" pastel lav w/pale purple eye&purple gold edge $25  
cary grant(kirchhoff)tet 30 ml re ev dark raspberry red w/halo $30  
cerulean warbler(lambertson)tet 28 em re sev 5"blu-lav.w/grey blu eye&edge dsp  
christmas celebration(carpenter)tet 28 em re ev 6" $25  
cindy's tie dye(scott)tet 28 e re sev 6.75" uf crm w/etched purp-lav eye&purp-lav edge $45 cl
crescent jump(stamile,p)tet 36 em re ev lavender pink crispate-uf $20 cl
crocodile smile(trimmer)tet 36" em 8" sev mulberry w/ ivory bicolor. dsp  
dancing with julie(trimmer)tet 27 em re ev 5 3/4"pink lav w darker eye,gr.th.,ruf.edge. $20  
dark wonder(stamile)tet 27 m re ev 6" dbl royal purple w/silver watermark. $10  
darla anita(kinnebrew) tet 30 em re sev lavender mauve w/gold edge. $15  
doyle pierce(smith)tet 34 em re sev 6" lavender w/blue watermark& blue gold double edge . dsp  
dreamy elegance(abajian,g)tet 29 em re sev 6"baby pink self dsp  
edna selman(selman)tet 24 m re dor 5.5"pink melon blend w/heavy pie crust gold ruffled edge. $20  
egyptian queen(trimmer)tet 38 ee re ev 7"pale peach w/royal purple eye $10 cl
eleanor roosevelt(grace/smith)tet 28 e re ev 6"heavily ruffled intense gold. $35 cl
electric blue(abajian,g)tet 26 em re sev 6 1/4",van/crm w iridescent bl. eye,gr.th.,picotee edg. dsp  
elisa dallas(trimmer)tet 25 em re ev 5" pastel pink w/red eye . $30 cl
empire returns(salter)tet 26 m re sev deep sculpted bright yellow,ruffles. $15  
eyed twister(lambertson)tet 34 em re sev 7.5" cream lav uf,purp eye,purp/lav picoteelimited $20  
face of the stars(lambertson)tet 28 m re ev 5.5"red vio.w/red vio. eye&wht shrks teeth edge $20  
fiery moment(abajian,g)tet 24 em re dor 5 3/4",fire eng.red,gold edg.ptls & spls,ruffled,gr th $15  
flash of brilliance(abajian,g)tet 26 em re sev 6 1/2" emo,apricot crm w/rasp eye&edge $30 cl
florida's garden light(smith,f)tet 28 m re ev 5 1/2",cream w green overtones.limited $20  
forestlake ragamuffin(harding)tet 28 em re dor 5.5"pink self w/gold ruffle. dsp  
forever redeemed(carpenter)tet 25 em re dor 5 3/4",rd w rd ornge suffusion w lt.watermk $15  
forsyth ace of hearts(lefever)dip 28 m re sev 5 1/2",ruffl.pnk w 4"+bright red eye. $10 cl
forsyth red eyed whopper stopper(lefevr)dip 26 m sev 7.5",red w/drk rd eye,gr th. $25 cl
free bird(lambertson)tet26 e re sev 6.25"med lav w/med lt blu purp eye&gold braided edge . $40  
funny cide(grace/smith)tet 32 em re ev 6.5"cream w/burgundy eye & edge. $20  
galactic warrior(abajian,g)tet 35 em re sev 8 1/2", uf,crmy coral w/patt.lav.blue eye . $35 cl
gary colby(petit)tet 26 m re sev 8"huge copper rose w/ 1"gold edge. $25  
gillian(trimmer)tet 26 e re ev lavender w/bold dark purple eye $10  
ginny mitchell(mitchell,k)tet 26 e re ev 6"mauve lav w bluish eye &gold edge. $20  
glass palace(abajian,g)tet 21 em re sev 6 1/4"white w/vry.gr.lg.th.,hvy ruff chart edg. $20  
god save the queen(morss)tet 30 e re ev 7"med amthyst w/drk purp eye&purp yel gld edg $40  
green mystique(stamile)tet 27 em re ev 5.75"cream blend w/ green wash. $20  
guadlajara(carpenter)tet 22 m re sev 5 1/2",very bright hot orange double $20  
hank williams(grace/smith)tet 30 e re sev 6" cream w/drk red purp.eye&edge. $30 cl
hark the lark(morss)tet 24 ee re ev 6.5" honeysuckle w/purp eye&gold flecked edge. $20  
heartbeat of heaven(emmerich)tet32 mla resev 6.5"pnklav w/ivry lav hlo&drk lav edg w/gld $65  
helix(stamile,p)tet 33 em re ev bordeaux red w/green throat spider variant. $20 cl
hold your horses(trimmer)tet 36 em re ev 8" uf straw yellow w/dark maroon eye $30  
how beautiful heaven must be(carpenter)tet 24 m re ev 5 1/2"very ruffl.&full peach cream $30 cl
in cahoots(abajian,g)tet 24 em re sev 5 3/4",lt lavbl. w bl. eye & ruff.bl edge,gr th limited dsp  
intelligent design(emmerich)tet 36 em re sev 6" pink lavender w/merlot wine eye $20  
it is finished(carpenter)tet25 em re ev 7"bright cherry red self. $25  
jane mahan(petit)tet.27 m re sev 6"black purple w/gold edge $45  
jane trimmer(trimmer,d)tet25 em re ev 5 1/4" pale lav with black eye/edge.limited $20  
jay farquhar(carpenter)tet 26 m re ev 6 1/2"purple w yellow edge. $20  
jerry nettles(kinnebrew)tet 28 em re ev 6 lav purple w heavy gold edge. dsp  
jerry pate williams tet 25 e re ev 5.5",dbl,intense melon w pink overlay & halo $20  
john peat(petit)tet 22 m burgundy w/lighter watermark, heavy gold edge. $25 cl
julie newmar(morss)tet 32 ee re sev ext pastl peach w/vio.lav.wshd.eye,grpe-plum edg $25 cl
jumbo shrimp(trimmer)tet 30 em re ev 7",large ruffled shrimp pink $15  
lavender hearttrob(stamile,p)tet 22 ee re dor lavender w/gold edge.limited dsp  
ledgewood's ancient carvings(abajian),tet 30 em re sev 6.5",gldn/yel self above gr. th $65 cl
ledgewood's angelic music(abajian,g)tet 26 em re sev 6", lav-pk w/hvy ruff chartr edge,chart/gr th $100  
ledgewood's belgium blues(abajian) tet 26 em re sev 5.5",vio-purp/blu-grey eye&edg above gr. th. $75 cl
ledgewood's blue crystal(abajian)tet 24 em re sev 6"crm lav w/blu lyrd eye&blu-crm edge dsp  
ledgewood's born free(abajian,g)tet 29 em re sev 6 3/4",crm gld w/burg eye &ruff edge . dsp  
ledgewood's cajun carnival(abajian)tet 28 em re sev 5.75",tangr/rasp eye &edge above gr.th $85  
ledgewood's calico blues(abajian,g)dip 27 e re sev 3 1/4"light crm w/deep violet blue eye $25 cl
ledgewood's carved in gold(abajian,g) tet27 em re sev 5 3/4", carved gold,cream edge $30  
ledgewood's champagne lace(abajian) tet 29 em re sev 6",pnk/darker halo&crm ruff.edge,gr.th. $65 cl
ledgewood's cherries jubilee(abajian,)tet 26 em re sev 6 1/2",van crm w/cher red eye&edg $30 cl
ledgewood's christmas angel(abajian)tet 36 m re sev 9"*uf fire engine red w/drkr red eye $15  
ledgewood's cinnamon lace(abajian,g)tet 25 m re dor 5 1/2"cinn eye & edg,deep gold backg $20 cl
ledgewood's citation(abajian,g)tet 27 em re sev 6 1/2"large round yel w/hvy ruff gold edges $35 cl
ledgewood's country palace(abajian,g)tet 20 em re sev 6", pale pech w/lg cherry rd eye&ruff edge $100  
ledgewood's dragonfly(abajian,g)tet 28 em re sev 9",uf cranberry w/blue violet eye dsp  
ledgewood's evening sunset(abajian,g)tet 23 em re sev 6"lt.tangrn w/rasp eye& ruff.edge $20 cl
ledgewood's firecracker(abajian,g)tet 26 em re sev 7"deep gld w/bright red eye&red edge $30  
ledgewood's flame of faith(abajian) tet 28 em re sev 6",gldn-yel/lg.blood red eye&edge,gr.th $65 cl
ledgewood's fondest wish(abajian) tet 30 em re sev 6.5",gld/drk.grape eye&edge,outlnd in gld,gr.th $70 cl
ledgewood's frequent flyer(abajian,g)tet 34 m re sev 8 3/4"ufcascade,grape purp w gr th $30 cl
ledgewood's gabrielle(abajian,g)tet 28 em re sev 5 1/4"vanilla crm w/blk purp eye & edge dsp  
ledgewood's garden devil(abajian,g)tet 37 em re sev 10", velvty dk rd ,vry lg waxygr th,ptls lt ruff $90  
ledgewood's great ambition(abajian) tet 26 em re dor 6" ,lt.pech/vio-grp eye&edge outlnd in gld. $75 cl
ledgewood's happy moment(abajian,g)tet 27 em re sev 5.75",brg rd w/vio halo,wt md rib,hvy ruff edg $90  
ledgewood's havana nights(abajian) tet 29 em re sev 6",crnb/pnk w near blk eye&edge,gr. th $65 cl
ledgewood's hidden heart(abajian)tet 24 em re sev 6"crm wht w/vio blu eye pattrn&pic edg $50 cl
ledgewood's his eminence(abajian) tet 29 em re sev 6",red with lighter watermark,gr.th $50 cl
ledgewood's irish spirit(abajian,g)tet 32 em re sev 8 1/2,uf,muted pink self above green th $25 cl
ledgewood's isabella(abajian,)tet 26 em re dor 5",mulbry w/vio-blu bnd&edg,chart halo,gr th $30 cl
ledgewood's jumpstart(abajian,g)tet 27 em re dor 6 1/4",crm gold w/burg eye&edge $30 cl
ledgewood's jungle music(abajian)tet 30 em re sev 7",dsty rose/ lg.blu-gry watermk&crnb/blu edge $35 cl
ledgewood's magic odyssey(abajian) tet 29 em re sev 6",lt coral-pnk w concord grp eye&edge. $60 cl
ledgewood's oriental silk(abajian)tet 22 em re sev 5 3/4"lt.lav w/dk lav eye&dbl lavcrmedge dsp  
ledgewood's pansy eye(abajian)tet 29 em re sev 6 3/4"lilac w/concord grape eye&ruff edge dsp  
ledgewood's ring of fire(abajian)tet 26 em re sev 6"lt rose pnk w/lipstk red eye&red gld edge dsp  
ledgewood's royal adventure(abajian,g)tet 22 em re sev 5.75,gld pch,lg grp eye&ruff edg outl crm $90  
ledgewood's royal awakening(abajian) tet 30 em re sev 6.5",lt.coral/lg clear vio eye&edge,gr.th. $60 cl
ledgewood's silver lining(abajan,g)tet 28 em re sev 6", plum purp w blk eye/edg,gr th, $20  
ledgewood's stolen dreams(abajian,g)tet 25 em re sev 7"lt crm w/layered vio-blu eye $45  
ledgewood's string of pearls(abajian)tet 27 em re sev 6"drk plm prp w/drk prp hlo&wh edg dsp  
ledgewood's strut'n the blues(abajian) tet 29 em re sev 5.75",lt.crl.pnk,lg.blu eye&vio-blu edge. $65  
ledgewood's summer music(abajian,g)tet 26 em re sev 6",lt aprict,clr grape eye outlined in lt crm,gr th $90  
ledgewood's summer storm(abajian,g)tet 26 em re sev 8",pale yel to near wt.,hvy ruff,chrt edg,vgr th $90  
ledgewood's sunday dessert(abajian)tet 25 em re sev 5 1/4",van crm w/lt rasp eye&edg,gr th $55 cl
ledgewood's tony likes it(abajian,g)tet 26 em re dor 6",gld/yel w/deep burg eye&gld ruff edg $35 cl
ledgewood's tropical butterfly(abajian)tet 25 em re sev 6 3/4"lav crm w/lyrd lavblueye&edg $50 cl
ledgewood's when sprits unite(abajian)tet 28 em re sev 7.5"ple apr lav w/ple lavblu ey&edg $20  
ledgewood's wind surfer(abajian,g)tet 37 em re sev 11",crisp-casc-spat,dk grp rd/drkr eye,lg gr th $90  
ledgewood's wings of a dove(abajian) tet 29 em re sev 5.75",pnk w drker halo&crm edge,gr.th $65  
ledgewood's winter memories(abajian)tet 27 em re sev 7"lt.crm w/starburst vioblu eye&edg $50 cl
lies and lipstick(kinnebrew)tet 25 em re sev 5 1/2"soft pink w bold cherry red eye & edge. $20 cl
light forbes(trimmer,j)tet 30 em re ev 7.5" narrow orange w/red eye & dbl edge $20 cl
linda beck(agin)tet 25 m re sev 6"burg.-purp w/blu purp eye & wht purp ruffled edge. $40 cl
linda's magic(smith)tet 26 em re sev 6.5" ruffled soft ivory pink $20  
long tall sally(trimmer)tet 38 em dor red spider variant. dsp  
lord of the wind(abajian,g)tet 29 em re sev 9",uf, mulberry red w/velvet red eye $30 cl
love will find a way(carpenter)tet. $20 cl

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