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welcome to ledgewood gardens

ordering & shipping

We offer many of our prior introductions as well as a number of daylily cultivars of other hybridizers.

all offerings are double fan, unless otherwise indicated by sf (single fan) or cl (three or more fans). the notation, dsp, means that the cultivar is on display only.

shipping by priority mail, to all united states locations is $15 plus $1 per plant.

minimum order for u.s. shipments is $50.

bonus plants of our choice will be included as a thank you in each in order. telephone and e-mail inquires are welcomed to ensure availability of desired cultivars.

our regular shipping season begins march 15th (weather permitting). please contact us immediately on shipment arrival if your plants are not satisfactory. please return immediately with original label attached for replacement or refund.

when ordering, please specify your shipping date.


General price list cultivars m - z


magnificent humming bird(lambertson)tet 27 e re ev 7" uf blue lavender,blue eye. $35  
malicious rumors(abajian)tet 31 em re sev 9" uf lavender pink w/red plum eye $15  
mark alan carpenter(carpenter)tet 22 m re ev 7",massive flower in orange pastels. dsp  
michael bennett(brooker,g )tet 26 em re sev 7" uf,purp w gry/wh to lt.purpwm,wh.rib,wh.edg $50 cl
mississippi memories(stamile)tet 31 m re sev 7.5" large ruffled cream self. $30  
moment in the sun(smith/grace)tet $35  
mort morss(salter,j)tet 27 m re sev 6 deep purple w/white sharks teeth dsp  
much ado about magic(salter,j)tet 27 m re sev 6",rose red w/gold edge dsp  
mystical illusion(abajian,g)tet 25 em re sev 6 1/2"+crmlav w/lyrd orc.blu eye $15  
nina verhaert(abajian,g)tet 28 em re sev 6 1/2",red w/ white teeth on petals & sepals. dsp  
oceans eleven(petit)tet 20m re sev 5" cream w/blue violet eye $25 cl
open my eyes(grace,l)tet 22 e re ev clear 5 1/4" lt.orange w round dk.purple eye and edge $20 cl
orchid elegance(carpenter)tet $25  
our friend tom wilson(carpenter)dip. $20  
painted bunting(lambertson)dip 40 m re ev 7" uf lt lavender blend w/lt blue purple eye $15 cl
pearl necessity(abajian,g)tet 23 em re sev 6 1/4"baby pink,gr.th.,rasp.halo,hvy ruff. dsp  
peppermint delight(carpenter)dip 24 ee re ev 6" pale pink w/big red eye & green throat dsp  
pirate king(smith)tet 30 em re sev 5.5"red purple w/lavender watermark & edge dsp  
playing with sharks(shooter,e)tet 33 m re dor velvety black purple w teeth. $25 cl
sacred ground(abajian,g)tet 30 em re sev 5 1/2", light lavender w/white eye & picotee edge $30  
sacred heart(moldovon)tet26" m 5" sev burgany purple blend w/yellow picotee edge $15  
sacred moment(abajian,g)tet 25 em re sev 6", light lavender w/darker band & white edge. $20 cl
seraglio(moldovan)tet 28 m re sev 5.5"reddish grape w/light grey violet eye & white edge. $20  
shaka zulu(moldovan)tet 28 em re sev grape purple w/white edge. $10  
skinwalker(roberts)dip 32 m dor noc 8.5" spdr lavender blend $10  
spacecoast cotton candy(kinnebrew)tet 25 e re sev 5 1/4", heavily ruffled baby pink. $15  
spacecoast sea shells(kinnebrew)tet 30 em re ev 5 1/2",cream w purp.eye,shell pattern th $20 cl
special image(abajian,g)tet26 em re sev 6",light rose w/wine red eye& dbl wine gold edge.limited. $35  
spectral elegance(stamile,p)tet 23 em re ev 6 1/2"lavishly ruffled pastel w pink overlay $25  
spice hunter(trimmer,d)tet 28 m re ev 6 1/2",dk peach w cranberry eye/edge $15  
springfield clan(trimmer,j)tet 40 em sev 10" crimson spidery $20 cl
suddenly blue(lambertson)tet 28 e re ev 6",4+"bl.purp.eye &edge,bl.lav ptls.&lt. bl/lav sepls $20 cl
sunkissed breeze(abajian,g)tet 25 em re sev 6",pastel lav,hvy ruff, apricot edg,gr th,loves sun. dsp  
surprise encounter(abajian,g)tet23 em re sev 6"baby pnk rnd w/hvy gld brd edg,gr th,hardy $15 cl
sweet temptation(abajian,g)tet 19 em re sev 6 1/2",gldn yel w pnk blush,hvy ruff & sculp,gr th $25 cl
tet. connie burton(wilson/trimmer). $45 cl
tet. crystal blue persuasion. dsp  
tet. grace pierce(pierce/trimmer) $30 cl
tet. green widow. dsp  
tet. lavender blue baby(carpenter/carpenter). dsp  
tet. marked by lydia(temple/stamile) $30  
tet. navajo princess(hansen,r/stamile,p). dsp  
tet. peppermint delight(carpenter) dsp  
tet. skinwalker. dsp  
tet. tuscawilla snowdrift(hansen/trimmer). dsp  
texas blue eyes(carpenter)tet 20 m re ev 5.75" lavender w/lavender blue eye. $35  
texas kaleidoscope(carpenter)dip. dsp  
thin man(trimmer)tet 42 m re ev 12" uf bright red self, gold mid-rib,yellow edge dsp  
tintoretto(morss)tet dsp  
tuscawilla snowdrift(hansen)dip mla ev noc 6.75" near white self. $15 cl
ultimate fantasy(abajian,g)tet 26 e re sev 7"van.crm.w/rasp.eye & rasp.gold dbl.edge. $60  
unknown presence(abajian,g)tet 26 em re sev 6 1/4"lt.lav w/lt.crm.eye & glittery crm.edge $35  
velvet ribbons(stamile)tet 44 em re ev 11" spdr black violet blend $30  
walking in beauty(stamile)tet 32 em re ev 6.5" pink w gold edge. $35 cl
white noise(trimmer)tet 30em re ev 6"round pink w/white edge $25  
winter wolf(abajian,g)tet 30 em re sev 7",lght crm w/violet cast & deep lav blue eye & edge. $45 cl
wonder of it all(carr)tet 27 e re dor 5.75" very pale lav. w yellow gold edge $25  
wonders never cease(carr)tet 28 em re ev 5.75" ruffled cream w/yellow halo & edge. dsp  
yesterday,today and tomorrow(carpenter)tet26 em re ev 5.5"lav.w/lav purple eye $20 cl
zephyr john(rice/morss)tet 36 m re ev 7"orchd vio.w/blu lav watermark halo& dbl edge dsp  


ledgewood gardens introductions | general pricelist cultivars a - l | general pricelist cultivars m - z