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except for daylily collections, bonus plants of our choice will be included, as a thank you, in each order. telephone and e-mail inquiries are welcomed to insure availability of desired cultivars.

our regular shipping season begins in early march (weather permitting). we ship by usps priority mail, which we have found to be highly reliable. when ordering, please specify your desired shipping date.

ledgewood gardens sends state inspected, freshly dug plants. we follow an aggressive spray program to prevent daylily rust. in addition, all plants are treated at time of shipping.

carpet bagger

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carpet bagger
(abajian, g) tet (seedling x seedling) 5 ¼”, dor, 24”, em, 18bc, re ...sold out

light cream peach with a large dark burgundy eye that bleeds into a deep green throat. an equally dark, ¼” edge surrounds the petals. fertile both ways, a great parent for eyes and edges. carpet bagger, is vigorous, and does well in florida, however since it is dormant, its bud count and branching, should be even better in the colder north.