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welcome to ledgewood gardens

ordering & shipping

for spring, we offer many of our prior introductions as well as a number of daylily cultivars of other hybridizers.

all offerings are double fan, unless otherwise indicated by sf (single fan) or cl (three or more fans). the notation, dsp, means that the cultivar is on display only.

shipping by priority mail, to all united states locations is $15 plus $1 per plant.

minimum order for u.s. shipments is $50.

we ship international (except for the european union), by us express mail.
minimum order for international shipments is $350.

when ordering, please specify your shipping date.


ledgewood's irish spirit

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ledgewood’s irish spirit (abajian, g) tet 8.5”, sev, 32”, em, re, bc 25, 4-way branching. $25 cl

the leprechauns have struck. from a distance, ledgewood’s irish spirit appears as a solid green flower. this 8.5”unusual form has a light muted pink base color, with a dark green throat that flows out onto the petals and sepals. very pollen fertile, but a difficult pod parent. gives beautiful kids with large green throats.